New Heat Solutions are driving forward the future need for renewable energy within the private and public housing sector, and the main and most common application for renewables to the domestic dwelling is the air source heat pump.

Once installed air source heat pumps provide heating and hot water throughout the year, reduce your energy bills significantly and with correct maintenance will have a lifespan in excess of 20 years.

To the prestigious developer this is a significant selling point, not only from a cost perspective but will attract those clients who themselves wish to be part of the emerging future where green technology will play a significant role.

Stuart Winyard our renewables manager is our qualified expert within this sector. He will be happy to advise, even as early as planning stage, in order that maximum benefits can be achieved through embracing this new technical direction.

New Heat Solutions is happy to indicate the various steps we go through with you to survey discuss and install your renewable energy units whether it be domestic or multi unit development sites.

1...We Meet & Talk It Through.

Let us hear your own thoughts and we will advise the best way forward. All projects are different.

2....We Go To The Drawing Board.

Now we proceed to design that renewable solution you need . We design to install with the least amount of complication . Our teams are fully qualified and will be installing to a very high and efficient standard. Our accreditations are a testimony to this fact.

3....Moving Forward

Once installed and officially operating we will be pleased to maintain your renewable air source heat pump to its best operating efficiency. We are therefore able to offer a simple post installation inspection policy.

Efficiency should be a key driver to get your heat pump serviced annually, after all, isn’t efficient heating why you had it installed in the first place?

When it’s not running at its peak it’s costing you more in energy consumption. Take a look at our servicing options:

Air Source






Swimming Pool


Ground Source


Heat Recovery


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